When you see businesses that offer cash for gold, you may automatically assume the gold includes necklaces, gold bars, or other large pieces of jewelry. Due to the value of gold, you don't need big pieces to build up the value you have. When you sell gold for cash with smaller pieces, you can still make a good chunk of money on the sale.

Check out some of the smaller pieces of gold you can sell for money and ways to build up your funds over time.

1. Pins & Brooches 

Small pins made with gold can help you get some good cash. The value of the pin depends on how the design was made. For example, you could have a gold-plated pin that is only worth the value of the gold-plating. You may also have a pin that is made with pure gold. When you decide to sell gold for cash, you don't need to determine exactly what the pin was made of.

A gold company can break down the materials and give you a fair price based on how much gold the pin actually includes. Go through your pins and brooches to see which ones you want to sell and make money off of.

2. Bracelet Charms

Bracelets made of gold create an ideal way to make cash, but you may not want to sell a whole bracelet off. Instead of selling a bracelet, you may own charms that go on a bracelet. With the sale of charms, you can keep your bracelet and still make money off of individual charms.

For example, you could go through all your charms and determine which ones you don't like anymore. You could sell the charms you no longer want. The value of each charm will depend on the size and how many karats the gold is on the charms. When you sell older charms, you can replace the designs with new charm styles you like.

3. Dental Scrap

If you ever had gold tooth fillings, the tooth may have been pulled or fallen out. If you still have those teeth or the fillings, then the gold on them could be worth a lot of money. Tooth caps made with pure gold helped protect the mouth in the past, but now have a lot of value. A gold jeweler will melt the gold down to separate it from the tooth.

You may think they are not worth much, but the gold fillings can really add up, especially if you had multiple teeth caps replaced over time.

Contact a gold-for-cash company to find out their current rates and see how to get free estimates on your small gold pieces.