Jewelry is susceptible to all types of damage or deterioration as time passes. For instance, tugging on a necklace can result in stretched links or loose and damaged clasps. Furthermore, dropping or striking jewelry can lead to gemstones becoming loose.

When such instances occur, seek jewelry repair services to restore the piece to its original condition. If you have damaged jewelry, here are three types of jewelry repairs.

1. Clasp Repairs 

The clasp is the small locking mechanism that enables a chain, necklace, or bracelet to lock around your neck or wrist. But jewelry clasps tend to wear out after some time or incur damages due to frequent locking, unlocking, or tugging.

When the clasp wears out or becomes damaged, it loses its ability to hold a chain, necklace, or bracelet. As a result, it is pretty easy for the jewelry piece to slip off your wrist or neck while wearing it. Therefore, you should not ignore or delay clasp repairs.

If the clasp mechanism is intact but loose, a jewelry repair service can have it tightened for you so that it locks properly. But, if the clasps mechanism has worn out or suffered damage, a professional jewelry repair service can replace it.

2. Stone Refitting or Replacement

Although stone settings can withstand moderate pressure and force, they have limits. When a piece of jewelry with a precious stone setting encounters brute force, it is not uncommon for the stone to become loose and fall off. As a result, it is not advisable to work when wearing precious stone jewelry.

However, accidents happen, and you might bump your diamond ring on a wall, causing the stone to become loose. In such a scenario, you should not delay visiting a jewelry repair shop to have the stone reset before it falls off.

Alternatively, a jewelry repair shop can source another stone to replace it if it falls off and gets lost. If you have the original design schematic of the lost stone, a jeweler can cut another stone to the exact design to replace the lost one.

3. Broken Links Repairs

Most chains and bracelets come in the form of metal links. But the metal links are not as strong as most people assume. As a result, it is not uncommon for jewelry links to break when you tug them too much.

However, if a broken link is hindering you from wearing your favorite chain, a jewelry repair shop can help. For most link repairs, jewelers use soldering to mend a broken link.

However, if the link design is too intricate, the jeweler may opt to remove the broken chain and use a tiny rope to join two adjacent links at the broken section. Irrespective of the method used, no one should be able to tell that you repaired the links.

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