As you head out to shop for wedding rings, one of your first decisions will be a very fundamental one: do you want matching rings for both partners? Like many aspects of weddings, traditions exist but many modern couples want to forge their own path. Which is the right choice when it comes to your wedding rings? Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide. 

Pros of Matching Wedding Sets

Certainly, the biggest advantage of matching wedding rings is a symbolic one. By choosing harmonious ring styles, you symbolize your new union as marriage mates. You're in sync, you share one mind, and you make decisions as a couple. It's a very traditional choice with the weight of many happy unions behind it — especially important for those who want to add that extra bit of luck to their nuptials. 

Another, more practical pro is that you can often find a cheaper deal on a package of rings rather than buying them one at a time. Sets, which may or may not include an engagement ring as well, offer financial savings and other perks such as cleaning and other care. And if one party isn't interested in picking out their jewelry, they get a pre-arranged ring that will definitely look nice with the others. 

Cons of Matching Wedding Sets

Of course, every choice has downsides as well. Being unified as a couple doesn't necessarily mean you have the same taste in jewelry. One person could be more conservative and traditional while the other is eclectic and adventurous. When you choose a single set, both parties must agree on one style, one metal, and one gem. Even something as simple as the skin tone of each person could render the rings looking better or worse on one person. 

Freedom to choose a ring that suits you without having to consider your fiancé's taste also means you could find additional savings that you wouldn't when you stick to sets. If one partner doesn't expect to wear their ring a lot — like those who work with heavy equipment or in sports — they could opt for a simpler, cheaper ring while allowing their partner to spend more on their personalized ring.

And if you both want something truly unique, shopping separately opens up a nearly limitless choice of jewelry, both in style and price tag. You don't even have to limit yourself to the 'wedding' section of the jewelry store. 

Where to Start

Learn more about wedding ring set choices and alternatives for modern couples by meeting with a jeweler in your area. The right path for you and your partner will undoubtedly emerge, and you'll be one step closer to the perfect wedding day.