You want to buy a diamond engagement ring for the person you love. Finding the perfect ring can be difficult because there are so many different styles and precious metals to choose from, not to mention accompanying stones. For the best experience and to make the ring perfect for your beloved, use this guide to assist you.

Pay attention to what your beloved wears already

Not sure what type of diamond engagement rings your loved one would like but you cannot directly ask them? Pay attention to the jewelry they already wear. If your loved one wears a lot of yellow gold, then diamond engagement rings with traditional gold bands may be best to look at. Does your beloved prefer bands and stacked rings to solitaire stones? Consider a forever diamond setting when looking at engagement rings. It's best to stick to what your loved one likes to wear already when you look at diamond engagement rings.

Pay attention to your budget

A basic rule for how much to pay for engagement rings is this: whatever you make in two months' time is how much you should spend on an engagement ring. In other words, don't go overboard thinking you have to spend thousands on the right ring, but also don't feel guilty if you have a comfortable budget to spend on diamond engagement rings for your loved one.

Consider your monthly take-home pay to help you limit the diamond engagement rings you look at. This way, you can gift your beloved with a beautiful ring that won't break the bank.

Pay attention to the little details

Engagement rings can be personalized in small ways to make them even more romantic and memorable. Consider diamond engagement rings that can be fitted with birthstones on either side of the main diamond or rings that can have a personalized inscription put on the underside of the band. If your beloved has a family crest or a favorite phrase, consider buying among diamond engagement rings that have a wide enough band to allow for customized bands.

Buying diamond engagement rings doesn't have to be daunting or create worry. To get the most out of this experience and to buy the best ring for your loved one, write down what you want to have in a ring based on what your loved one likes in jewelry and stick to your budget. This way, you can make the search for engagement rings more narrow and rewarding.

For more information about diamond engagement rings, contact a jewelry store.