If your husband's birthday is approaching and you'd like to give him jewelry as his birthday gift, you should read the tips given here.

Consider buying a sterling silver ring that features your husband's birthstone

If you're trying to decide what jewelry to buy your husband, you might want to choose one that is made from sterling silver and which features his birthstone. For example, if he was born in December, you could look for a men's sterling silver Morenci turquoise ring.

Buying a ring that has some feature which relates to his birthday will make this jewelry more appropriate to give to him on this particular occasion. Additionally, searching specifically for a ring that has Morenci turquoise, which is not only considered to be one of the most striking forms of turquoise but which is also increasingly hard to source (and which is, therefore, highly coveted), will make the ring even more special.

Sterling silver is hardwearing and as such, is a good ring material to choose if your husband does a lot of work with his hands (such as gardening, DIY or manual labour). Furthermore, the combination of silver and turquoise looks good with a wide range of clothing colors (meaning your husband won't have to worry about the ring clashing with his outfits).

Buy a box for the ring

If you decide to buy a rare and beautiful ring like the one described above, then you should also buy your husband a small storage box for it (if it is not presented in such a box when you buy it). It is especially important to buy this if your spouse is a bit careless or forgetful with his belongings.

The reason for this is as follows; there may be times when your husband needs to remove the ring (for example, when he is weeding the garden and doesn't want any soil to get on this jewelry, or when he is washing dishes). If he has a small box in which to put it on these occasions, there will be less chance of the ring getting knocked onto the ground, lost in the garden or falling into the garbage disposal in the sink.

If you do end up buying a ring box, make sure its interior is made of either satin or velvet, as neither of these soft materials will scratch the surface of the ring when it is being placed inside or taken out of this box.