When you purchase an engagement ring, you are declaring your love and intention to honor and cherish that person for the rest of your life. The ring that you purchase should be capable of staying on your loved one's finger for the rest of their life, and it should also reflect who your loved one is as a person. It is about getting a ring that is perfect for your loved one, not the perfect ring.

1. Avoid Trends

With an engagement ring, you are not going to want to jump on the latest trend. This is not a necklace your loved one is going to wear out for an evening; it is something they are going to wear every day. You want to choose a ring that is going to look classic for decades to come. One of the most popular and timeless choices for an engagement ring is a diamond ring.

2. Think About Your Loved One's Likes

Next, you need to think about what your loved one likes. Do they normally wear gold, or do they wear silver? Do they wear big flashy jewelry, or do they wear more seamless pieces? Do they wear elaborate pieces?

Thinking about what your loved one generally wears and look for a ring that fits your loved one's style. You want a ring that is going to work with their style and will be something they will comfortably wear.

3. Don't Focus Too Much on Size

When it comes to finding the perfect diamond ring, don't overly focus on the size of the ring. You may think that size is everything from the portrayal you see in movies; however, that is generally not true in real life. In fact, an oversized ring may get caught on things and may even be a slight annoyance for your loved on.

When purchasing a diamond ring, don't feel pressure to go with an extremely large diamond. Instead, look for a diamond with a cut and clarity that you really love and feel like your loved one would enjoy as well. You want to choose a ring that looks great in its setting, regardless of the size of the stone.

When shopping for an engagement ring, avoid trends, and stick to timeless choices. Think about the type of jewelry your loved one likes and choose a diamond ring with a beautiful cut and clarity that is styled in a fashion your loved one would enjoy wearing on a regular basis.