If you are already thinking about what you'll buy for those on your Christmas list, you must be one of those amazingly organized individuals. Or, you might have learned the hard way that shopping at the last minute isn't smart. Maybe you ran into trouble finding parking space for your car, and maybe you had to fight crowds to find what you were looking for. 

No matter the past experiences, maybe you are looking for ideas to make this Christmas gift giving especially significant. If that's the case, from selecting a birthday theme to buying birthstone crystal bracelets, here are some ideas that might help you.

Select A Theme - Do you always select a theme for your Christmas gift giving? For example, in the past maybe you've given things like zoo tickets and stuffed toy animals for an animal-themed Christmas. Or, maybe you have already used a beach theme when you gave things like beach towels, flip-flops, and other beach-related items.

Have you used a birthday theme in the past? If not, then consider choosing a birthday theme for this Christmas. After all, don't most people love it when they receive a gift that showed them that the gift giver took the time to focus on his or her birthday month? 

Give Birthstone Crystal Bracelets - Think of what fun it will be for those on your gift list to receive bracelets that hold stones that represent their birth month. For example, if your sister, your mother or any other girl on your list has a September birthday, think of buying a bracelet with sapphires or faux sapphires as the focal point of the bracelet. If one of the gals was born in May, then you'll want to select an emerald or faux emerald for the bracelet.

For the most important gifts, say for your wife, your sweetheart, or your mother, consider buying a birthstone crystal cuff bracelet. That would make such a fashion statement that the recipient would probably wear it every chance she could. For teenagers, consider buying more simple bracelets that have their birthstone set in rows, kind of like a dangle bracelet.

For the little girls on your list, look for play jewelry in their own birthstone. 

No matter the age of the woman or girl that will receive your birthday-themed present, consider also finding the characteristics of each individual's zodiac sign. Include those characteristics in your to-and-from card, just to show that you went the extra mile with your gift.