If you are ready to make the move and propose to the one you love, it's time to start searching for the perfect engagement ring. While you can go with the traditional diamond, this may not be your style. When you are looking for a quality engagement ring that is going to last a lifetime, moissanite rings give you options. It's a stone that sparkles, and it is known to be almost as hard as mined diamonds. While you can tell the difference when you put a diamond ring and moissanite ring side by side for comparison, it is the different look of the moissanite that makes it a special choice for an engagement ring.

Affordability For a Great Ring

While you may want to purchase the brightest diamond for the love of your life, this is not always in your budget. Moissanite provides you with a high-quality option that is more affordable than a traditional diamond ring. You'll be able to get a ring that impresses your love, and you will be able to afford it at the same time. It is less than half the cost of a traditional diamond ring, giving you a beautiful ring to propose with.

Brightness and Style

Moissanite is a bright stone that glitters in the sunlight. The effect is eye-catching, and the ring will look brilliant on the hand of your future spouse. When you want a ring that sparkles and stands out, consider the different sizes of moissanite that are available to you. From a smaller ring that is a bit understated to one that has a large stone surrounded by smaller ones, you can design a ring that is unique for your loved one that is going to be worn forever.

The Longevity of Moissanite Stones

It isn't always easy to find a replacement stone for a diamond, but moissanite stones are almost as hard as diamonds. They aren't going to chip easily, as they have a hardness rating almost like a diamond. The ring created using moissanite is going to last as long as a beautiful diamond ring, giving you a ring that can be passed down for generations to come.

When it's time to propose but you haven't found a ring that you love, it's time to start looking at moissanite engagement rings. They are a brilliant alternative to diamonds and are going to give you the same shine you can expect from a high-end diamond.