Is there a particular reason that you are shopping for a gift of jewelry? Maybe your spouse is having a birthday, or maybe it will soon be your twenty-fifth or even fiftieth anniversary. Whatever the reason that you are shopping for jewelry, from selecting diamond jewelry to choosing birthstone items, here are some ideas that might help you:

Are Diamonds On Your List? 

When you gave your wife her engagement ring, were you only able to afford a very small diamond? If so, you probably also had in your mind that the time would come when you would buy her a larger, more perfect diamond ring. Or, maybe you would like to give your husband a gold band with a diamond as part of the design for your special anniversary. 

If you already know a lot about diamonds, count yourself lucky -- that just means you'll know exactly what to look for when you shop. Otherwise, depend on an expert to help you pick out a piece of jewelry with a diamond of excellent quality. The salesperson where you shop will probably point out things like the clarity of the diamond and the fact that it doesn't have significant imperfections. You can even have a piece of diamond jewelry designed for the recipient of your gift. For instance, if your wife loves the Art Deco look, a ring of that style can be designed especially for her.

Do You Want To Add A Birthstone?

Diamonds might be some girls' best friends, but your sweetheart might also love a personalized piece of jewelry that was created especially for him or for her. For example, consider a diamond ring that has her birthstone as part of the design. If your wife's birthday is in May, for example, picture a diamond in the center of a ring with tiny emeralds surrounding it, creating a floral look. 

If you are selecting a ring for a man, think of having a more simple design. For example, a wide gold band with a single sapphire and a single diamond side by side might be very well received by your sweetheart who was born in September. Maybe the person you are shopping for would actually prefer helping you to design the jewelry item. For example, if you are honoring your wife on your fiftieth anniversary, she might help to design a piece of jewelry that includes the birthstones of each of your children.