As a survivalist, being prepared is probably incredibly important to you. One of the main parts of doing so is making sure that you will be financially prepared for anything that happens, so consider these three things to stock up on so that you can be financially prepared.

Precious Metals

Investing for your future is important. If something happens and the world ends as you know it, you will want to be financially prepared. However, even if this does not happen, making investments can help you with your future. As a survivalist, you might not feel comfortable sinking all of your money into stocks, bonds, or savings accounts. Instead, consider investing in precious metals, such as gold coins. Precious metals can be stored in your home, and you don't have to worry about big banks, which can be helpful in a survivalist situation. However, even if nothing happens anytime soon, your precious metals can be sold and used for things like sending your child to college or preparing for your retirement.


They say that cash is king, and if you're someone who does not want to rely on the big banks, having a stash of cash set aside and hidden somewhere in your home can be a good goal to have. Then, if something does happen and the banks collapse or aren't open, you won't have to rely on your debit card or your local bank branch to access your cash. Only you know how much cash you can afford to set aside and how much you feel comfortable having outside of a bank, but make sure that you store your cash safely, such as by investing in a secure, fireproof safe for your home.


If you are a survivalist, you probably know that you can never be too prepared for anything that might happen. Stocking up on a stash of shelf-stable foods, gas, water, and other essentials can help you feel more confident and able to handle an end-of-the-world type of situation, and it can also be used to barter and trade for things that you need later on. Consider stocking up on these things slowly so that they do not put too much of a damper on your budget at one time; slowly, you can build up a nice stockpile of essentials that can come in handy if something happens.

As a survivalist, making sure that you are financially prepared for anything that might happen in the future is probably very important to you. This means that it might be worth it to make an investment in these three things now so that you will have them later.