Fire agate is considered a semi-precious gemstone, but really, it ranks right up there with diamonds. You may be thinking, "How can this stone even compare to diamonds?" Well, it cannot, because it should, technically, be more priceless than diamonds. Here is a closer comparison of these two stones, and why you should opt for fire agates in your jewelry instead of diamonds.

Fire Agates Are Much More Rare

Diamonds can be found in any area of the world where there is extreme heat and pressure from the Earth's tectonic plates. Diamonds come from Africa, India, and the Americas. However, fire agates are limited to just three areas, all of which are in the Western Hemisphere. This makes fire agates more rare than diamonds. Despite their formation and rarity, fire agates are considered less valuable and priced less than diamonds too.

Fire Agates Are a Truly American Gemstone Product

Fire agates were formed in extreme heat (like diamonds!) and the volcanic activity of Southwestern U.S., Central America (Mexico), and South America. As such, they are a truly American gemstone product. For anyone that does not want to risk buying "blood diamonds" and wants to know where his/her gemstones came from, fire agates are an ideal choice.

Fire Agates Are Even More Fascinating and Beautiful Than Diamonds

Okay, so maybe this is more of a personal reason, but an uncut diamond does not have half the the colors and very unique sparkly patterns as agate. When polished, a diamond may sparkle under the light, but some fire agates seem to have a dazzling light from within. Some even look as though they have several sunbursts or stars trapped inside--you will not get that look from any diamond, to be sure.

"Blood Diamonds" vs. Quarried Fire Agate

Because of the extreme value placed on diamonds, there are places in the world where people are brutally killed to get the diamonds. Slave labor to dig up diamonds often causes hundreds of deaths each year. That is very different from fire agate, which is quarried along with several other tons of rock and separated out to make jewelry using paid laborers. If you decide you want to check out some fire agate for sale and you want to buy some of these stones, they are available wherever most diamonds and other semi-precious gems are sold. You may also check with a handcrafted jewelry artisan, who knows where to buy these stones at a discount.