Purchasing jewelry for someone is hard enough. However, when you're trying to find a piece for someone who is a trendy, style-icon on their own, the pressure level can easily skyrocket. Thankfully, this isn't an impossible task. There are a few key points you can remember that can help simplify the process for you.

Think Statement

When choosing a piece for someone trendy, always think statement pieces. Someone that falls into this category probably isn't going to find a plain necklace appealing. However, a necklace with unique embellishments or bold colors makes more of a statement. Pieces designed in unique shapes or even with a blend of unique textures, such as metal and leather, can also fall into the category of a statement piece. Remember, statement pieces and a high-level of uniqueness generally go hand-in-hand.

Take A Peek Into Their Closet

While a nice piece of jewelry can stand on its own. Jewelry is best served when it's complimented or enhanced with the right garment. If you're purchasing the piece for someone close to you, why not take a peek into their closet to try to find a piece that would go well with something they already own. This gesture won't just help ensure you find something they will like, but the fact that you searched to find something that would go well with something they already own shows a level of personalization that will be much appreciated.

Enhance Their Collection

If the special someone you're buying for is a real fashionista, they probably have all different types of pieces, but there may be one type of jewelry that they haven't thought to explore yet. You can really impress them with your gift by enhancing their collection with a type of jewelry that they don't already own. Layered necklaces, cuff rings and bangle sets are just some of the different pieces you could consider.

Look For Meaning

It's also a good idea to look for pieces that have a meaning or at the very least, one that you can create your own meaning for. For example, if you're buying a piece for someone who treasures Native American history, a piece fashioned with tribal designs and accents can speak to this passion. The whole idea is to purchase a piece that always makes them think of you and reminds them of something positive in their life.

While it will take some effort and thinking outside the box, you can purchase a unique piece for the trendy person in your life.

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