You saved and you bought a diamond engagement ring. Now you need to a place to hide it before the proposal. Finding a great place to hide the ring may seem easier said than done. It is a bit challenging, but do not stress too much about it. The following places could make a perfect hiding spot for the ring until the proposal.

Sock Drawer

Your sock drawer is the ultimate hiding spot. Many people use the sock drawer to stash valuables. But if for some reason she understands that your sock drawer is your favorite place for important items, then pick another spot.

At Work

Does she ever visit you at work? If she doesn't, then this area works as an excellent location. Just be sure you trust your coworkers. If not, investing in a lock wouldn't be such a bad idea.

In Shoes You Rarely Wear

Women usually do not go looking through their boyfriends' shoes for things. Find a pair of shoes you rarely wear then stick the ring in there. In case you both share closet space, just be sure the ring is hidden well so there is no possibility of her discovering it there.

Under a Hat

Make sure other hats are stacked up on top the hat where you want to conceal the ring. If she is into borrowing your hats to make a style statement, you may want to skips hats altogether as a hiding place.

In a Hollow Book

Locate a book that she will not be looking through any time soon, cut out the pages so that the center of the book is hollow. Hide the ring in there.

With a Good Friend or Family Member

Leaving the ring with friend or family member is a good idea. This spot is a safe bet unless she's going to their place every single day. Just be sure you inquire where the ring will probably be hidden, just in case your friend or family member forgets. It could happen. You don't want to be so adept at hiding the ring that it comes up missing before the proposal.

An upcoming proposal is an exciting event. These creative hiding spots will help you hide diamond engagement rings whether you are planning to propose in the next three months or tomorrow. Make sure the ring is set somewhere you won't forget and she will never think about looking. The last thing that you want to do is stress over it. After all, you still have to wait to see if she says yes.