If you have the perfect engagement ring in your pocket, you now need the perfect marriage proposal. Below are six different ways you can do this, to make it a proposal they will never forget:


If your partner loves sports and especially baseball, you can make an engagement ring box out of one. Use a sharp knife to cut a square out of the top of the baseball, and then remove the stringy core. Place the engagement ring inside, and present it to your partner along with your proposal.

Play a Letter Game

Play a letter board game with your partner. Get it out early so you can take the letters "marry me" from the stack, place them on the letter holder, and then turn it around during the game to show your partner.  They may grab their own letters and give you a "yes."

In a Book

If your partner loves to read and you know of a book they want, you can use it as an engagement ring holder. Purchase two of the same book. Open one of the books, and use a sharp knife to hollow it out. Secure the engagement ring inside, and then give it to them.  When they open it up, they will see the ring. When you are finished with your proposal, give them the real book.


Write "Marry Me" on seven heart-shaped balloons. Tie the balloons to the collars of seven dogs. Have someone bring the dogs to a park, and then bring your partner there. No matter which dog they look at, they will see the proposal. The local animal shelter will likely offer you some dogs, or you can ask seven friends to let you use their dogs.

Online Video

Post an online video of you proposing to your loved one. Tell them to come to the computer, because you have a funny video they have to see. Start playing it when they get to the computer. You may want to put some romantic music in the background, or if you have a love song, have it playing.

Christmas Lights

If it is the Christmas season, put Christmas lights on your roof in the design of "marry me". Make the letters large and across your whole roof, so they will easily see it when they pull into the driveway.

Your wedding proposal is something your partner will never forget, and you should do everything you can to make it extra special. For more help, try contacting a company that knows about shiny diamond rings and how to best display them during your proposal.