It's time to celebrate your husband's birthday again, and you just can't figure out what to get him. He seems to already have everything he wants, and he hasn't hinted at anything in particular that would put a big smile on his face. Perhaps this is the year to get a little sentimental by giving him something he can remember you by for many years to come:

Invest in an Engraved Pocket Watch

Every man needs to stay on top of the time whether for work or play. A debonair pocket timepiece is the perfect addition to your man's watch collection because it is so versatile. It fits in the pocket when not in use, so no bulk has to be worn on the wrist. It can be chained to a pant-loop, ensuring that it stays safe at all times.

You can make your husband's new pocket watch something special to remember you by with a personalized engraving on the back of it. Consider one of these engraving ideas:

  • A sentence from the personal vows you made at your wedding.
  • The "pet" names that you call each other.
  • The date of your wedding day and anniversaries.
  • A renewed commitment of support and love.

With a unique note displayed prominently on the back, your husband will think of nothing but you every time he takes his engraved pocket watch out to tell the time.

Write Him a Few Love Letters

You don't have to spend any money to make your husband's birthday gift special. Putting pen to paper is an excellent way to express your love and give him something to open and read for decades to come. Your love letters can be structured in several ways – try one of these options:

  • Write a letter for every year you have been married.
  • Create letters that are written as if you had just met.
  • Come up with a multiple-part love story that stars your husband and yourself.

There are a couple of perks for you to personally take advantage of as you write love letters to your husband. Letter writing has been shown to decrease the chance of being depressed, and it can also help to increase your quality of life overall.

Each of these personalized gift ideas offer your husband a memento to remind him just how important his connection is with you. But after receiving such a special gift, you may find that impressing him on future birthdays is not such an easy task.